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Bite you to Death...

Hello. My name is Hibari Kyoya. Age 16 and disciplinarian of Namimori Middle School. I'm here to answer your stupid questions with help from my little yellow bird, Hibird.

Something strange is going on with little Hibird. I wonder what.

Go ahead and ask away. I don't bite... THAT hard.

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My name is Hibari Kyoya. I am Namimori Middle School’s disciplinarian. My mun(s) have decided to get back from the dead and answer more of you herbivores’ stupid, idiotic questions. I don’t even know why I agreed to this. Well it’s not like I have anything else to do. I’ll answer all of your stupid questions. (with Hibird’s help) This better not be a waste of my time. Ask away in this ask blog, because I never will answer your questions anywhere else.

This is awkward…

//Kusakabe is recording by the way u v u Happy Halloween you guys~

It’s been a year since I’ve made this blog. I’m thankful my best friend wanted to help out on this silly ask blog ;u; Even though most of you aren’t checking up on here often, I just wanted to say a few things

I wanna thank you all wonderful people who followed and more to hopefully come! Thank you for a year of support!

Hibari obviously doesn’t want to fight the precious wittle boy-birdie.

"Kufufu… The skylark’s body was interesting…"
"It’s been awhile you guys…."
IS THIS OKAY?! OMG OMG Why is it so hard to draw Chrome now!? ;A; I never had problems before but this photo is just… FAIL WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.

I hope you like it anyways anon ;____;

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I feel bad, and I really feel weird for asking. But can you guys please send in more questions?

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